Bombay Brasserie

Since 1982 Bombay Brasserie has paved the way for Indian and Bombay cuisine in London. Located in eternally fashionable Kensington, the Bombay Brasserie attracts the glitterati, politico’s, captains of industry and those seeking a dining experience, which will take them to Bombay, if only for a few hours.

Bombay (now known as Mumbai) brought Indians from all over the country together, making the cuisine unique to the city. The menu at Bombay Brasserie reflects the cultural diversity of Bombay, with influences from Parsi, Goan, Bengali, Gujerati, as well as the Portuguese and Raj. The dishes on the menu today have been served on the tables of past Mughal Emperors and the spice traders of Goa.

Like the city itself, Bombay Brasserie has grown. 30 years since it first opened its doors, the mission is the same - to bring authentic Bombay Cuisine not only to London and Londoners, but its guest from all corners of the globe.